My friend, Mike O'Horo, says we're in the Being Interrupted Business. When it's important enough for you to want to reach me, I want you to reach me.

So, feel free to interrupt me anytime. Here are my office, cell and other contact info:

Highland Avenue and Bardstown Road, Louisville, 1925Post Office Box 406751
Baxter Station
Louisville, KY 40204

502.599.6624 (cell)
502.459.2966 (office)

I'll even tell you where I live, provided you do yardwork.

Plus, here are my Facebook and my LinkedIn pages.  Follow me on Twitter, too.

If you're still having trouble finding me, try Day's Espresso & Coffee, on Bardstown Road near Eastern Parkway.

"Then again, there are geniuses like...
Doug Stern, who totally get it."

Colleen Wainwright